Ajman, UAE

We guarantee renewable and green energy to world

The energy produced by our wind turbines are 100% green, clean and renewable to save the planet.
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We produce clean energy through our solar panels

The energy produced by our solar panels are 100% green,
clean and renewable to save the planet.
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we are experts in

Renewable Energy Solutions

we are experts in

Power Generation

Power production is our forte, with over two decades of experience in Renewable Energy Solutions and Services.

largest implanters of

Solar Plants

We had implanted some of the world's largest Solar Power Plant Projects in growing economies.

vast experience in

Wind Energy

We have expertise in commissioning Gigawatt Capacity Wind Turbine Parks and its Operations & Maintenance.

Our company

About us

SEA Renewables has over a decade of experience with End-to-End Commissioning in the field of Renewalbe Energy with Solar Power Plants and Wind Turbine Parks.

Experience with some of the world's largest Solar Power Plants in growing economies.
Expertise in Operations with Gigawatt Capacity of Wind Turbines and its Operations & Maintenance.
Offer Complete Renewable Energy Solutions and Services.
we are focused on

Our principles

we pledge to be


We pledge ourselves to be friendly with our Environment and Ecosystem, providing Clean and Green Energy.

our expertise is


We collaborate with experts in each vertical to provide the best possible solutions to the world.

we drive with


The thirst for Innovation keeps us ahead of others in market through our Research and Development works.

Our Expertise

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Power Plants

End-to-End solutions for Solar Power Plan Projects right from identifying the site location, till optimising the delivery of commissioned plant.

Wind Turbine Parks

From the complex task of locating site for best wind, we deliver full suite of service for Wind Turbines including Operation & Maintenance.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development works in Renewable Energy has enabled us to stay Innovative and stay ahead of others in market.


We offer Technical Consulting not just to our contracted clients, but also to others visionaries in need of assistance in Renewable Energy.